Fender Jazzmaster Ventures Model Raveonettes

Fender Custom Shop 1961 Jazz Bass Closet Classic Master Dale Wilson Olympic Wht
Fender Custom Shop 1961 Jazz Bass Closet Classic Master Dale Wilson Olympic Wht
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Up for auction here is a 90's Fender Ventures signature Jazzmaster. I got this last January from a guy in Holland and have barley used it. The FENDER VENTURES LIMITED EDITION JAZZMASTER was a limited edition Fender Japan model that was only available in 1996. The pickups are two single coils: a Seymour Duncan SJM-1N in the neck position and a Seymour Duncan SJM-1B in the bridge position. The controls are single volume and tone pots, with a 3-way pickup selector. The body is a double cut-away Jazzmaster shaped and made from light ash and the pickguard is three ply white pearloid. The maple neck had a satin finish and a 22 fret rosewood fingerboard, with white pearloid block inlays and white binding. The 1960's Fender B neck profile was available as an option. Scale length was 25.5 inches. Finish is black transparent (black burst) with a matching black sunburst headstock. The original recommended retail price was around $1300. 
The Ventures Bob Bogle recalled discussions with Fender about his Jazzmaster model, "When asked for our input on the Jazzmaster, we presented Fender with some changes that we had always wished for. There had always been a pickup switch mounted up high on the body for which we never had any use, so we had that removed. They also obliged when we asked for the volume and tone controls to be mounted further away from the strings. the pickups were Seymour Duncans special JM units designed to produce the tones of the original Jazzmaster." 
Fender announced these Japanese made limited edition Ventures models in their glossy Frontline magazine, distributed to dealers. US dealers could only stock the guitars in complete sets (Stratocaster, Jazzmaster and Jazz bass). Several Ventures fans bought the entire sets for around $4275.
The Ventures promoted the guitars at the January 1996 NAMM show in Los Angeles, playing at Fenders fiftieth anniversary concert. Fender reportedly only manufactured about 500 of these guitars and exported 147 of those to the USA.  
The guitar is used but in very good condition, with only a small ding on the back at the bottom, which the previous owner put a spot of black paint on. When I got this I wasn't sure if it was just dinged or if it had one dab of black paint over the area, which had been dinged. However I think the latter is what has been done. I have two photos to show this. It's quite hard to capture, so make sure you understand what I have stated about this before bidding. The ding is very small about the size of a pickguard screw head. Also I have upgraded the standard Japanese Fender Tremolo arm and collet, with the fantastic staytrem system (in gold to match the hardware). This means the new harm is held in place with moulded plastic in the collet, which fits the arm diameter exactly. Now there is no squeak of metal on metal and the arm always stays exactly where you leave it (even at odd positions). I also asked him to change the angle of the arm to make it easy to strum and play for those shoegazer sounds. The last upgrade is a Mastery Bridge. I don't like the stock bridges on Jaguars and Jazzmasters. The playability is now very good. The guitar stays in tune and the strings never slip! Lastly the guitar comes in a flight case, which has been cut to fit this guitar. The case alone is worth around £150.00 and nothing will happen to it!
All the original hardware (bridge, tremolo arm and original collet) are included and will take minutes to put back, making this all original. The Mastery Bridge case, instructions, and hex keys are included too. So you can make your own adjustments if you wish. The changes I made, make this a much better guitar to play! This is a really great Jazzmaster and I'm only selling to fund the recent purchase of some vintage gear. This model was used by the Raveonettes, Glasvegas and the Ventures among others. 

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