Pre Cbs 1964 Fender Jazzmaster Sunburst 100% Original

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Vintage pre CBS 1964 Fender Jazzmaster Sunburst 100% Original                     $5995.00

This 1964 Fender Jazzmaster is a highly collectable investment instrument. There's just not that many around anymore in this condition so they command a much higher price.

This guitar will increase in value at a much higher rate being pre CBS.

It lists in the current Vintage Guitar Price Guide between $7000 - $8000.

This '64 is in totally original condition with no issues other than normal wear, minor nicks and scratches from playing it over the years.

The neck is a Beautiful Birdseye Maple. It plays like a Dream and functions perfectly.

The Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with clay dot inlays is beautifully figured and shows no wear. Frets are in almost new condition.

The Sunburst finish is in incredible condition. All the control knobs, hardware and switches are clean, shiny and like new.

It includes the original black tolex case with the dark orange interior in good condition

and the original tremolo arm, saddle cover and allen wrench.

The Jazzmaster has the distinction of being Fender's first guitar with a rosewood fingerboard. It was also the first to sport Leo's new    floating vibrato and floating bridge. Leo designed the unit for use with heavier-gauge strings that were more popular with Jazz Guitarists. In this design, the strings went over the bridge and attached to the vibrato tailpiece. This was to limit sustain, furthering the guitar's pursuit of jazz tone. The bridge's two pointed anchor posts rest on metal cups sunk into the body. By pivoting on these pointed legs, the bridge could move along with the strings when the vibrato was deployed. This setup effectively limited friction on the strings.

There was more "newness" to the Jazzmaster. Arguably the most useful and important was its pickup-switching system, which utilized separate circuits for regular and rhythm settings. Developed by industrial engineer Forrest White (Fender GM ’53 - ‘67) for a hobby guitar he built in 1942. The circuit was engaged via a slider switch above the neck pickup. The second setting let the player roll off his treble and volume without touching either knob. The Jazzmaster was the first production Fender guitar with such capability

Leo also opted to equip the Jazzmaster with pickups that had wider, flatter coils. With an aesthetic borrowed from his early steel guitar designs, Their white covers and centered pole pieces made them unique.

The final new mechanical element was the Jazzmaster's "Trem-lock," which allowed the guitar to function in a vibrato-free mode and boasted the added function of keeping the guitar in tune.

The Jazzmaster decal was redesigned in the summer 1964. The Fender portion was enlarged matching the Jaguar’s decal and straight gold flake was used. Patent numbers increased to 6 (Pat 2,573,254 2,960,900 2,817,261 2,972,923 3,143,028 DES 186,826) The solid gold style has the entire line fit below "With Synchronized Floating Tremolo".

This guitar was made at the Fullerton Plant (Fender - Pre CBS Era), USA

Weight: 7.8 Lbs.

Serial Number: L48354


The Ventures 1960’s song "Walk Don't Run," featured guitarist Bob Bogle on a Jazzmaster.                                                                                Carl Wilson of The Beach Boys was also renowned for the way he displayed Jazzmaster guitar tones.

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